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Governor Information

Governing Body Constitution and Membership -

Updated January 2024

Membership Category

Appointed By


End of Term of Office

LA (1)


Marianne Paemen (Vice Chair)


Mar 26

Parent (2)

Parent Election

Nathan Corbett

Nov 27



Laura Morgan (Chair)

Dec 25



Joe Porter 


Staff (1)

Staff Election

Jocelyn Francis

Nov 27

Co-opted (7)

Governing Body


Dec 26

Co-opted (7)


Jane Faulkner 

Kate Hatcher 

Marie Berry

Simon Maidment

Felisa Saverias



Jul 25

Mar 26

Nov 27

Nov 27

Nov 27

Associate Members*

*Associate members are not permitted to vote in any governing body meetings



Emma Claridge 


Members who have left in the last 12 months  

Felicity Allen (co-opted)

Matthew Beale (parent)

Ravi Shankar (Staff)

Janet Deboo (co-opted)

Diana Waha (co-opted)

Jan 24

Nov 23

Nov 23

Jul 23

Jul 23