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Our most recent visit was a section 5 inspection in July 2023.      We were pleased to read that:

" Leaders are ambitious for pupils. They have a clear focus on developing pupils ‘respect for others, sense of responsibility, enjoyment and aspirations. "
    "  Pupils behave responsibly from the early years onwards. For example, pupils move around the school calmly and sensibly, including when unaccompanied by an adult. Pupils are highly respectful of adults and each other. Many pupils shared the view that teachers are good at sorting out any problems that may arise. Pupils are safe and feel safe. "

" Leaders work hard to build an ambitious curriculum. Subject leaders have strong knowledge of how pupils learn. Typically, leaders carefully select the most important knowledge and vocabulary for pupils to know and remember in different subjects. Leaders ensure that the early years curriculum sets the foundations for future learning across subjects. "

You can read the whole report below.  We look forward to our next visit!