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Amazing day trip to Sayers Croft

We arrived at school at 7am shortly after we boarded the mini bus and set off for Sayers Croft. The journey was exciting! Up and down hills around the narrow winding lanes and looking at beautiful views that went on and on…the journey seemed to take forever. Finally, we arrived at Sayers Croft.

We jumped off the bus and headed towards the reception. Luckily, we bumped into a man called Tom. He was one of the leaders and sent us in the right direction. He was very kind and helpful. As we approached, we could see that Miss Finn and Miss Cook were at the top of the slope. Next, we ran to the cabin and saw all our friends.

There were lots of activities planned for us. There was archery, maze challenge, blind folded trail, natural art, wood compass and finally the climbing wall.

Archery was one of most popular activities. We played a game called Jet Set, which was a lot of fun, although most of us ended up living in a dustbin and hopping to our destination of boarding school!! Also we played a game called Monster Builder where every colour represented a body part of a monster that we had to fit together, but if you missed, you didn’t get anything.

In Natural Art, we used our imaginations to create structures and models using natural resources such as sticks, twigs, rocks, stones, leaves and some petals.

Next, we learnt how to use a compass and navigate our way around the woods in groups of two; some of us got a bit lost!

At lunch, we were all starving and had a choice of either spaghetti bolognaise or macaroni cheese with garlic bread; for dessert there was chocolate ice -cream that was very yummy.

After lunch, we headed to the maze and blindfold trail. Whilst we were in the maze, we needed to find stumps with letters on that spelt out “we are not lost” so we could complete the task.

Along the blindfolded trail, we had to work in pairs. One of the partners had to be blindfolded and guided by the other partner through the trail listening to the instructions. Then holding onto the guide rope, we tried to avoid obstacles in our way, and then we would swap over. (Miss Gavin also took part and found this very scary!)

Finally, our last activity was the climbing wall! Excitedly, we headed over and got ready. We needed to wear helmets and harnesses and we needed to listen very carefully to the instructor. We could climb as high as we wanted. To come back down, we needed to bang on the wall. Coming back down was the scariest part of the climbing.

Unfortunately, it was time to leave so we said goodbye to our friends and headed home on the mini bus.

We had an absolutely fantastic time!

By Joshua, Zalla, Eugene, Farrah and Jamie