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Everything we do in school is driven by our values:

During their time at Darell, every child will:

  • Organise their thoughts and speak confidently and clearly.

  • Develop a love of reading

  • Write legibly using cursive handwriting.

  • Have a deep, rich and practical understanding of number

  • Treat everybody fairly, irrespective of their race, gender or abilities.

  • Have the resilience to carry out challenging work.

  • Be fluent users of technology including having the ability to touch type

  • Be kind to each other and develop skills to resolve personal conflict.

  • Possess skills and attitudes which equip them to adapt to changes in their lives.

  • Be able to evaluate information critically and make their own informed decisions.

  • Have made a positive difference in their local community.

  • Be ready to face the challenges of secondary school with confidence and success.

  • To think laterally and make connections between different subjects when thinking about and solving problems.

We deliver these results by incorporating best practices in our teaching that have been proven to work, both scientifically and by experience. Retrieval practice is incorporated into the curriculum to ensure that our children know more and remember more.  Our staff receive continual training to improve their teaching. Teaching starts with the classroom environment - this means both the physical environment but also the learning community that is created within the classroom. We celebrate our rich and diverse school community and ensure that every child has the opportunity to see themselves in the curriculum. Children are taught and encouraged to share thoughts, ideas and arguments about their learning with each other in a respectful way. 

Expanding our children’s vocabulary through the use of stories is a cornerstone to teaching and learning at Darell. Acquiring a rich vocabulary is a key indicator that a child is advancing in their learning. Children are taught new vocabulary and consolidate existing vocabulary in most lessons. Teaching and revisiting ‘Key concepts’, such as ‘Justice’, ‘Evolution’ or ‘Migration’ ensures that our children are able to make links across subjects which helps the children to remember the facts and skills they are taught and to use them in more sophisticated ways as they progress through the school.

All our staff put the well-being of the children first. We support all our children to reach their full potential by working collaboratively to ensure there are no barriers to their learning and that no ceiling is placed on what they can achieve. In our school there is a very close relationship and excellent communication between staff, parents and children to ensure that all our children can learn in a loving and safe environment.

If you wish to know more about our curriculum please contact the Headteacher:

Joe Porter