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Religious Education

“Differences were meant not to divide but to enrich” J H Oldham 

Learning about different religions encourages us to become caring, mindful and respectful citizens.

At Darell, we believe that RE brings a community together and our curriculum celebrates differences within our school family. Religious Education helps children acquire knowledge and understanding about various faiths.

Our RE curriculum allows children to gain knowledge about the religions within our local community. It also helps them to make connections between their own values and those of others.

At the heart of RE are our school values, 


Link to our values:

  • As a school community we celebrate differences and value diversity.  We treat everyone with dignity and respect - Equality 

  • We are responsible to explore and educate different religions and beliefs - Responsibility 

  • The children and their families will hold a vast knowledge and understanding of their own beliefs and backgrounds - Aspiration 

  • The children will enjoy learning about new things and sharing their own personal experiences with each other - Enjoyment 

Religious education is an essential subject within the national curriculum that must be delivered.

It provides a particular set of materials through which pupils come to understand important things about the world, and themselves. It is the study of religion and beliefs and it stands in the curriculum as a set of ideas and practices which have shaped and continue to shape our world. ​​​​​