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PSHE is taught as a discrete subject and through other areas of the curriculum. Pupils participate in discussions about topical issues, both within groups and during weekly Circle Times, based around the themes of Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL). SEAL is a framework that supports the delivery of PSHE in schools. The school has been awarded a bronze certificate for our school travel plan by encouraging more people to travel to school in a healthy and sustainable way.


At Darell, we are very excited about a whole school approach that was launched this year. The ‘5Rs’ is a learning language that we use with the children to support and encourage independent and confident learners. The ‘5Rs’ stand for Responsibility, Resilience, Reflection, Reciprocity and Resourcefulness. To introduce this approach, each half term, we will focus on a different ‘R’, which we will communicate to parents via the newsletter. The children are aware of each half term’s ‘R’ as it is introduced by our Headteacher in whole school assemblies and celebrated each week in different Key Stage assemblies. Weekly newsletters rejoice the children who have been displaying these learning behaviours as well as seeing this on class displays.  We promote a focus upon understanding our learning by ensuring that we all follow the ‘5Rs’.

More information on the ‘5Rs’:
Resilient learners will

• remain focused and on task;
• set targets that they are able to practise;
• have a positive attitude;
• find interest in what they are doing;
• keep trying;
• never give up!
Responsible learners will
• work well in a team;
• plan ahead;
• get on with the task independently.
Resourceful learners will
• learn in different ways;
• use their imagination;
• take risks;
• ask good questions;
• find and use equipment independently.
Reflective learners will
• learn from their mistakes;
• listen to different opinions;
• ask why;
• stay calm;
• edit and improve work.
Reciprocating learners will
• take turns;
• work in a group well;
• give focused feedback;
• give and receive help.