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In the 21st century, understanding the nature and connections between the earth and life on it has never been more important. That understanding is given to our children through our geography curriculum.



During their time at Darell we will promote our children’s curiosity and love of their world. We will equip them with solid foundational knowledge, experience and capabilities to build on long after they have left our school. We will inspire them to think about their own place in the world and their rights and responsibilities to other people and the environment.



At Darell, our children will learn geography in various ways.

  • as a stand-alone subject over a series of lessons where rigour and focus are required. For example, learning about the oceans.
  • as part of another subject, where a context is productive. For example, reading a class book set in another country provides entry point into teaching the children about its culture.
  • When opportunities arise. For example, asking children with cultural links other countries to share their knowledge with the class.
  • As part of our ‘Make a difference’ outlook and our values of Equality, Responsibility, Enjoyment and Aspiration. For example, by writing to MPs to bring about positive change, or taking practical steps to help the local environment.

Our geography curriculum includes 'Place knowledge', 'Locational knowledge', 'Human and physical geography' and 'Geographical skills and fieldwork'. At Darell, our children have the opportunity to explore and make enquiries about our local area, communicate their findings and analyse collected data. 



By the time they leave our school, Darell children will have received a well-rounded, geographical education which will not only make them well-informed citizens of our planet, but also ready to face the challenges of secondary school with confidence and a desire to learn more.