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Parent Questionnaire Report 2017

Thank you to the 159 families who responded to our annual survey of parents’ views. The school’s senior leaders and governors have met to consider all the replies including the more detailed comments. All feedback is greatly valued and we appreciate the time taken to complete the questionnaire.

We have grouped the responses into an ‘agree’ and a ‘disagree’ category, and compared them with the last two years in the attached table. We are using this feedback to inform future planning for Darell, many of the recent improvements in school are because of actions taken as a result of your comments in previous years.

We are delighted that 98% of you say your child enjoys school, is well looked after and well taught. 97% of you also say your child feels safe and is making good progress.

These have all been areas of particular focus for development over the last year, and the overwhelming endorsement shown by your responses reflects the hard work of the senior leaders, teachers and staff in school.

The areas with the lowest scores indicating areas of concern fall into three broad categories: Communication (pupil progress information, newsletter/website); Behaviour (dealing with bullying and lunchtime enjoyment) and Leadership (SLT and governors).


Pupil progress is monitored and evaluated by the class teacher with members of the senior leadership team every half term and this information is shared with parents at information evenings in October and March and in the end of year report. We use an assessment tool called Target Tracker to record the progress of every pupil in the school throughout the year. The class teachers assess the children daily and if they have any cause for concern they will speak to you straightaway. If at any time you would like to speak to your child’s teacher you can always make an appointment through the school office.

What is being taught in school is shared through the half-termly newsletter giving details of what the children will be learning in each year group, across all curriculum areas. Your class page on the website provides additional details and photographs of life in the classroom. We are exploring how this can be used to even greater effect to give more information about what your child is learning in school and how you can support them at home. We will shortly be asking for any parents who have IT and/ or PR and marketing skills to join a group to discuss how we can further develop our communications strategy to keep parents better informed.


A major school focus this year has been on attendance and punctuality so that all children arrive in school ready and willing to learn. The ‘soft start’ (coming into classrooms from 8.45am) means children arrive in the classroom calmly and ready to learn by 9am. Good attendance is inextricably linked to higher attainment. If children miss school on a regular basis even one day every two weeks, they will lose the equivalent of four weeks of learning over the school year.

Some children find an unstructured environment at lunch times difficult so we have recently introduced additional activities, including music spot, book reading corner, drawing table, as well as additional teaching staff and organised sports games in the playground. We feel confident this will make all children feel safe and be actively engaged during the lunch break.

A clear and consistently applied behaviour policy and the ‘Good to be Green’ initiative has had a remarkable impact on behaviour in school and is reflected in a much improved rating in the response to this question. We have introduced the restorative justice approach to manage any issues which arise between children.

This involves an adult guided discussion with all parties, separately and together, whilst allowing the children to find their own solutions. We will be holding parent workshops early in the new term to tell parents more about this very successful approach. In the meantime, please ask your children how it works for them.


We have had significant movement within the senior leadership team over the past four years and we appreciate that this has not been easy for the school community. However, the appointment of Karen Bos in February last year has given the leadership team stability. She has worked incredibly hard to build a strong and committed team of senior and middle leaders and we are confident that the school leadership now has the capacity to improve standards whilst remaining the inclusive school of which we are all so proud.

We appointed Amanda Blunden as Special Educational Needs Coordinator in April and Emma Claridge returned from maternity leave, into the role of Assistant Headteacher, at the beginning of the year. Although we will be sorry to lose Deborah Lane in July, we understand her reasons for moving on. We were delighted to have a strong field of candidates for the position of Assistant Headteacher and we are very pleased to have appointed Paul Gilbert to join the school in September.

Senior leaders, teachers, support staff, parents and the governing body are working together to ensure a successful future for Darell. We all share the ethos of high expectations, ambition and inclusivity within a safe and happy environment. As a governing body we are constantly impressed by the hard work and dedication of the staff at Darell and the very positive responses to the questionnaire are an indication of how much you too value them and the school.

We are grateful for your questionnaire responses, if you have any further comments following this feedback please contact the governors via the school office or by email at

The Darell Governing Body – June 2017