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Darell Primary and Nursery School

Toucan Class (Year 3)

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Toucans had a great trip to Holly Lodge in Richmond Park. We enjoyed learning about pollination, seed dispersal and different types of plants and trees. What a great way to end the half term!

The weeks have flown by and it is time again to share some of the fantastic work children have done over this half term.  The new English text, Noah Barleywater Runs Away, proved a real hit in bringing forth acting talents through drama and role play.   A courtroom scene was enacted with Noah being charged with stealing apples from a tree. Prosecutors and defence debated on the action before jury and judge finally acquitted Noah.  Children then documented the story in a news report, focusing on appropriate literary features.  A huge success, I have to say!

 Maths this half term has been all about fractions.  The mastery approach has enhanced children's understanding as it throws challenges at them in different guises.  They have worked with practical resources and varied pictorial representations to both comprehend and explain problem solving.   Angelica told me the denominator tells us how many parts there are in a whole, while Lucy showed me that the numerator tells us how many groups we are looking at; Alexander, through pictures, presented equivalent fractions, while Lilly demonstrated how fractions can be ordered through diagrams showing various coloured parts - well done class, I'm glad most of you are feeling 'good' about fractions.  

In science, the study of plants continued through further observation and exploration.   Children documented functions of the parts of a plant, based on results through fair tests.   While seeking to find out how water is transported through the plant, watching celery sticks take on the blue/ red food-colouring proved a huge source of excitement.   I very much hope the topic has sparked an interest in the very important matter of sustaining life on Earth.   To finish it off, children will be attending a workshop at Richmond Park on pollination and propagation, on the last day of school.  

All that remains now is to wish you all a restful break and plenty of sunshine!


Children were introduced to their new text 'Noah Barleywater' - here they are in role and, using persuasive language to explain the character's choices.

Children learnt cookery skills in baking cheese muffins and preparing a healthy fruit salad. Check out the class gallery for more photos.

As we approach the end of a very busy spring term, it seems the classroom is still buzzing with all kinds of activities.  In English, children have been excited about the stories they have written about adventures in a magical land.  In art, they created their 3D magical tents where the story began. In writing, the focus was on the use of language features and paragraphs to group ideas.  This has been a highly creative exercise with impressive outcomes.  Well done, Year 3!

In maths, we have now reached the end of the unit on measurements, including length and calculating perimeter.  As usual, there have been many opportunities to problem-solve and extend knowledge.  It is good to see how using mathematical language to explain answers is becoming the norm in lessons.

In science, we have started studying plants and it would be useful if the children had the opportunity to observe them in parks and their surroundings, during their spring break. Please encourage them to share their observations.

We look forward to our cookery session next week based on healthy foods. Children have been learning about Fairtrade - could they spot these products/produce during your supermarket visits?

Toucan Class participated in ‘Sports Relief’ activities today by completing a course of circuit training.  They counted how many times they could do ski jumps, supine cycle, shuttle runs, lunges, jump squats and skip continuously for a minute.  They kept their individual scores and were keen to compete with their peers.

All that remains now is to wish you all a lovely spring holiday, plenty of sunshine and lots of fun!


Welcome to spring 2! This half term, our topic is ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’.

The children were really excited about their new text, ‘Leon and the Place Between’.  They participated in a discussion about magic and made connections to their own experiences. They created their own pictures of magical spaces and described them using expanded noun phrases.

We are coming to the end of the history of prehistoric Britain, and are now looking at the Bronze Age and Iron Age.

In maths, money has been the focus this week.  We have added and subtracted sums of money alongside giving change.  This has enabled the children to think more carefully about reasoning in real life situations.

We are looking forward to things to come…

Isla's magical space 


We have certainly sprung into action with the start of the spring term.  Based on the class text book, 'The Pebble in my Pocket, children have not only gained in their knowledge of how rocks are formed, but have also expressed their understanding through different genres.  They wrote poems about volcanoes using language features such as imagery, similes and metaphors.  They have also written a descriptive narrative tracing the journey of their pebble.  Their writing has extended to paragraphs, each taking a creative route!  

In maths we are coming to a close on the topic of multiplication and division.  Following the mastery approach, we continue to use variation to instil a deeper understanding.  There have also been lots of opportunities to practise the 4 and 8 times tables.

In science, our topic is rocks and soils.  Over the last couple of weeks, the children have explored the 3 different types of rocks and their properties.  They have begun to make connections with the suitability of rocks for different purposes.  Here is a picture of them experimenting to find the most durable rock.  Please browse in the gallery for more. 


The end to the term has been a flurry of activities.  The highlight for children has been the screen printing workshop held recently in school.  Linked to our topic, Year 3 explored urban landscape images and used these as a stimulus for their own creations.  The artwork produced is something to be proud of!   

In English, children have been writing poems using figurative language such as similes, personification, imagery and repetition.  They make an interesting read!

Hope you all have a restful break; enjoy the festivities!


The new term has begun with a flurry of activities.  Related to our new topic, Urban Pioneers, children have been looking closely at the features of our local area.  They have created fabulous laeftlets on Kew Gardens, using persuasive language and up-levelled vocabulary.  

In maths mastery, we continue to work on addition and subtraction, practising exchanging.  Children have been using practical resources to deepen their understanding of the concept.  They were given a list of useful websites to practise their math skills and work on their targets.  

In science, we have started learning about forces and magnets.  The children experienced and experimented with magnets and the push of wind while learning about contact and non-contact forces.  They have also been trying out surfaces to find out which creates the most friction.  


This week Year 3 have been leanirng about reflection and light. We have been looking at a range of materials and doing experiments, before designing our own reflective book bags.


We've had a great start to the year this week.  We began with some team-building games and setting personal goals.  Children have created some imaginative self-portraits using shapes and colour. 

Alongside the fun and games, we've cracked on with our maths mastery, and set up a line of enquiry for our term topic on the Greeks.  


Welcome to Toucan Class. I’m Ms Ahmed. I’ve been at Darell for a year now and am really looking forward to our Year 3 enrichment activities this year! 


You will be receiving the half-termly curriculum newsletter at the beginning of the term, which will detail the specifics of the curriculum and key dates. You will also have a chance to ‘Meet the Teacher’ at the beginning of September; we very much hope you will all be able to attend. This will be an opportunity for you to hear about expectations this year, as well as how you can help support your child and the school.


In September, we will be sending home the Home/School Agreement for you to read, sign and return, a ‘Good to be Green’ Behaviour booklet, and a Practical Guide for Parents at Darell.


I look forward to working with you during the coming year. If you have any concerns or questions, please come and see me after school or contact the office for an appointment.



Ms Ahmed