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Darell Primary and Nursery School

Tiger Class (Year 1)

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​Year 1 became scientists on Wednesday afternoon and used our magnifying glasses to observe and describe the leaves that we found in the playground. 


We have started this half term learning about position and direction. We have used bee-bots, directed our partners in the playground and written down moves for different characters. 


 This week in maths we have been partitioning numbers up to 100. Children partition the number and then draw how they could represent them with dienes.




Our book for this half term is How to Find Gold. Everyone is very excited about the story and the children are keen to read it all. So far, we have only learnt a little bit about the main characters -Anna and Crocodile and we have also predicted what might happen in the story.

We have looked at how we could help Anna and Crocodile find gold. The children came up with very creative ideas and drew their own map. After, they wrote a set of instructions they characters of our story should follow.

We are now working on imagining a different ending for the story. What should Anna and Crocodile do with the gold instead of burying it?



The children are enjoying learning about trees and how they change throughout the year. We have learned a few of the characteristics of evergreen trees and deciduous trees, noting how the leaves change colour each season.