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Darell Primary and Nursery School

About Us

School Vision

                                This is the vision for Darell Primary & Nursery School.
             It tells staff, parents and children what we expect of ourselves and each other.


At Darell we place each child at the heart of what we do, so that our children feel safe, secure and enjoy learning.

Darell children respect each other. We are proud to be a diverse school, with children from different backgrounds, with different abilities and different languages.

Darell is a happy community, and our children look forward to arriving here each morning.

We have a proud history of music, art and sport. At Darell we provide a broad range of opportunities for our children both inside and outside the classroom, engaging children in a wide-ranging life at primary school and playing a part in the local community.


At Darell we inspire our children to have a love of learning and we make sure every child gets the best academic experience that is possible for themselves.

We value a stimulating and creative curriculum which enables children to explore and develop curious minds and a love of lifelong learning.

Every child learns about his or her personal strengths and are proud of their abilities. Our children are hardworking, resilient and motivated to improve; willing to challenge themselves and learn by their mistakes.

Darell children leave our school ready for the next stage of their learning journey with a confidence about their future in an ever-changing world.


At Darell our children strive to achieve to the best of their ability. Through positive encouragement and support, we bring out the best in our children, consistently encouraging them to have high expectations of themselves.

Darell children understand how rewarding life is when you achieve everything you can—not only in the classroom but also on the sports field, in the lunch hall and in the playground.

Our children leave Darell as confident individuals who continue to strive to achieve the best standards they can for themselves. Ready to learn more and make a positive contribution to the world as they develop into young adults.

Darell’s children, in fact, understand the values of this vision as much as its adults. We work together everyday to ensure that this is part of our school.