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Nursery children are learning about the 3 billy goats gruff.  They have explored different materials to find out which is strong and not too slippery when wet and they visited the bridge at the end of the road to find out why it is there and what it is made from.  From the middle of the bridge, they kept a tally to see what went under the bridge.  It was exciting to see so many different vehicles and some lorries tooted their horns!

Nursery children enjoyed celebrating Christmas together.  They had a party with crowns, crackers and their favourite food and sang Christmas songs to their parents. 

Nursery children visited their local park to find signs of autumn.  They collected leaves, found hedgerows bursting with berries and the sharp prickly shells from the beech nut tree.  When they had finished exploring they enjoyed hot chocolate and a biscuit in the autumn sun.

Nursery children are enjoying their new surroundings, finding out and making friends.