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Darell Primary and Nursery School

Kookaburra Class (Year 4)

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TT Rockstars has proved itself to be a runaway success in encouraging the children to practice and improve their times-tables.  There have been other benefits too. Children are allowed to play TT Rockstars at school only if they have read the night before. The result has been a huge increase in children reading at home.  The 'heatmap' below shows how well the children are doing as a class with their times-table recall (green is good). When we started this year large areas of the heatmap were bright red. The children are able to compete against each other, other classes and teachers. This sense of competition has encouraged them further. Well done Kookaburras!





The Year 4 children who attend Knitting Club have learnt how to finger knit. They then decided to shape their knitting into a heart, just in time for Valentine's Day. They are so proud of them, and so they should be! I wonder what their next project will be? Watch this space!

We have introduced 'Times Tables Rockstars' to the children and have set up accounts for them.  As many parents know the children are very engaged with this clever piece of software which is designed to help children learn their multiplication tables. Please encourage them to play it at home!  The children at at a stage in their learning where knowing their multiplication tables  by heart will be of immense value to their progress. 



During the first half of the Spring Term we are studying the oceans as our topic. All children have been asked to complete a project about an ocean as part of their home learning.  We have visited the London Aquarium as part of our topic learning and pictures will be on the website shortly.

Please refer to the 'Key Instant Recall Facts' above. Children are expected to instantly know their 9 and 11 times tables by half term. The best way to learn multiplication tables is to practice often. Home practice would therefore assist greatly.