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Darell Primary and Nursery School

Grasshopper Class (Year 2)

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Learning about Islam

In our R.E. lessons we have been learning about Islam.  We were very lucky to have a visit from Miss Hedia who helped us to learn more about how and why Muslims pray. She spoke to us about how, as a Muslim, she prays five times a day. It was interesting to hear about how she prepares for prayer, when she prays and why she prays. We thought about the commitment needed to pray five times a day and reflected on what commitment means to us. 

Special thanks go to the wonderful Miss Hedia for coming to share her knowledge and experience with us.

Investigating Materials

In science, we have been exploring how to change the shape of an object. We were given play dough and asked to change it into a different shape whilst thinking about the actions that we used. We came to realise that all the actions we had been investigating (squashing, bending, twisting, stretching, rolling) all involve pushing or pulling to cause a change in shape and that some changes are caused by the combination of both forces.   Take a look in our gallery to see some more photos. 

The National Archives

As part of our topic on the Great Fire of London, Year 2 visited the National Archives in Kew. At the Archives, we became historians for the morning as we were introduced to some of the famous documents connected with the Great Fire of London. We used maps and Hearth Tax returns for Pudding Lane to investigate what happened in 1666 and develop our skills of historical enquiry. It was incredible to see the real Hearth Tax Returns because there is only one of these documents in existence and it is over 300 years old! 















What makes a good friend?

As part of anti-bullying week, we have been thinking about the qualities that make a good friend. We thought of a time that we have been a kind friend and wrote about it on a template of our hand, before putting our hands together to make a ‘Circle of Friendship’

Designing and Making Musical Instruments

In design and technology we have been creating our own musical instruments. We tested our instruments to see if they made the sound we wanted and we showed resilience when we needed to make changes to our original design.

When they were finished, we played our instruments to our friends and they helped us to evaluate the finished product.

Salvation Army Visit

As part of our R.E. topic, we were lucky enough to have Steve visit us from the Salvation Army. He spoke to us about how, as a Christian, he tries to follow Jesus’s example of being kind. It was interesting to hear about how he tries to help people less fortunate than himself, including homeless people and older people in the community. We also thought about the things we do to try and show kindness to others and reflected on what we could do in the next week that we haven’t done before. Mums and dads will be pleased to hear that there were lots of offers to help tidy up and make breakfast!


Orleans House Gallery

As part of our topic, 'Beat Band Boogie!', we had a fantastic trip to Orleans House Gallery. We got the R68 bus and walked across Marble Hill Park to the Gallery.

In the studio we made our very own sketch books and enjoyed experimenting with lines and colour to represent different emotions. We then looked at the work of some famous abstract expressionist artists and created our own pieces of art, based on feelings in response to music. Next, we used our images to inspire the creation of a class piece in the style of Kandinsky. Finally, we finished our morning by looking at some original artworks in the gallery.

After a hard morning's work, we enjoyed a well-deserved rest with a picnic in the Gallery. We really enjoyed being artists for the day; we certainly have some talented artists in Grasshopper Class!