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Darell Primary and Nursery School

Academy Information


In consultation with Every Child, Every Day Academy Trust and the Regional Schools Commissioner, we have agreed to move the conversion to academy status from 1 January 2018 to allow more time for the completion of necessary processes and paperwork, such as approval from Regional Schools Commissioner and preparation of long term leases. The main stages to academy conversion are:


- The school submits a new application for conversion to Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC);

- The Head Teacher Board considers the application. The Head Teacher board is a group of local Head Teachers appointed by the RSC. The board will either approve or reject the application;

- The Department for Education (DfE) releases conversion grant funds to allow completion of legal reviews and any further due diligence issues; and,

- The DfE approve of Education Funding Agreement.


The timetable for these activities is still under discussion and we will update you when these dates have been finalised.


At the Full Governing Body meeting on June 27th 2017, the Governing Body voted on the following proposal:  ‘Should Darell Primary and Nursery School convert to academy status, as part of Every Child Every Day Multi Academy Trust, on 1st January 2018?’ 

The Governing Body voted in favour of this proposal to join the Trust.  It was a majority decision of current Governors who attended the meeting.  As previously stated, Jane Spencer (Chair) did not vote, or participate in the discussion prior to voting, owing to her role as Trustee of Every Child, Every Day. 

This decision has been taken following a rigorous due diligence process and careful consideration of the merits of joining this Trust .

The Proposal

The Governing Body is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the school, ensuring high

educational standards and robust accountability whilst maintaining financial viability. After

extensive review, the Governing Body are making this proposal to join the Every Child, Every Day

Academy Trust. The key benefits are to:

• Increase collaboration between the schools to improve children’s outcomes

• Broaden the opportunities for staff to develop teaching and leadership skills

• Allow sharing of resources to improve the effectiveness and efficiency. Government policy

is to strongly encourage schools to become academies and in particular to form or join

multi-academy trusts (meaning that several schools are within the same academy trust).

An academy is a state school, funded directly from central government rather than through

Richmond Borough Local Authority. An academy has several differences from a maintained

school, including:

• Being responsible for its own admissions policy;

• Being responsible for its land and buildings;

• Freedom from the requirement to follow the National Curriculum;

• Being the employer of its staff; and

• Receiving its share of the funding directly from the Department for Education.

Where can I find further information? 

More detailed Questions and Answers are available on the school website

( or paper copies from the school office on request. Further

information about academies is also available on the Department for Education website