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Darell Primary and Nursery School

School Opening Update

Dear All

would like to begin by saying what an amazing job you are doing navigating your way through this crisis.  I am partially saying this to myself!  This week each one of my three children has had a meltdown of sorts.  I think it is important that we recognise that this is ok.  It is going to happen.  We just have to continue to let them know that it is ok to be upset and that now is not forever. 


Many of you will have seen the announcement that there is going to be a partial return to school on June 1st.  You will also have noted that it has caused some controversy across the country.  As a school, we have deliberately taken our time to absorb all the advice being given and have made some preliminary plans for the 1st June.  We will be sharing these with you early next week so that those of you who this applies to can make informed choices about your children returning.  My primary concern is and always will be, ensuring that we keep your children and our community safe.  The plans that we have drawn up reflect this.  It will not be a return to schooling as we know it.  Children will be taught in small groups of no more than 10 and will stay with this group throughout the day, including lunchtimes and breaktimes. While the context that your children return to may be different, the fundamentals of what we offer will be firmly in place.  It is the daily personal interactions that make your children feel safe and I know that the staff team at Darell will do everything they can to ease your child’s transition back into school.  In tandem with this, we will ensure that we prepare and maintain the school environment to ensure that it is as safe as we can make it.  As previously stated, more information about re-opening will be published early next week. As a parent of a Year 6 child myself, I have some reservations about allowing my child back into his school.  As a family, we have discussed this and decided to do so.  I am going to break with protocol here and say that currently, I really believe that this decision is a personal one and is best left to individual families to decide what they feel is best for their child. As such I will support each and every decision that is made.      


On a lighter note, we began the big Darell read this week with the collection and delivery of class books.  In theory, every child should now have access to the same book as all their classmates.  I look forward to hearing about the reading adventures that will lead from this.


Finally, can you thank your children for their continued interaction and vigilance when using Google Classrooms.  I was unable to post my usual assembly one day this week and I was let know in no uncertain terms that this was not on.  I stand corrected and can you please let them know that it will not happen again.


The weather looks set fair so please stay safe and have a lovely time with your families and now friends.


Joe Porter