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Darell Primary and Nursery School

School Surveys

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Parent Questionnaire Report 2016

Thank you to the 115 families who contributed to this annual survey of parents’ views, which is vital for school improvement.  The school's senior leadership and governors have considered your comments and reviewed the statistics.  The results have been tabulated as attached. We have grouped the ‘strongly agree’ and ‘agree’ categories together, as well as the ‘disagree’ and ‘strongly disagree’, and compared the results to last year’s. Where a parent/family have marked ‘strongly disagree’ and told us their name and the issue, we will endeavour to respond personally. Please arrange a meeting with Karen Bos to discuss any individual issues which you feel are not being addressed.

We are delighted that 94% of you would recommend Darell to other parents.  Our reputation in the community as a ‘great local primary school’ is very important to us, and the best method of spreading this is by you, our parents.

We are also encouraged to learn that our whole school focus on improving teaching and learning, and our creative and innovative curriculum are being supported by you, with happy children who are making great progress in their learning. 

The three areas which you have highlighted as matters of concern in the answers to several of the questions, fall under three general headings: Communication (including progress information), Behaviour (bullying and lunchtimes) and Leadership.  These areas will form the basis of planning discussions which the senior leaders and governors have, as they plan for next year.


The senior leaders are discussing the way we will provide parental feedback next year. The following structure is being suggested:

September – Meet and greet the class teacher, learning about year group expectations.

October / November – Parents’ evening with discussion of settling in and next steps for child's learning.

December – A progress sheet to be sent out to parents showing attainment levels. Included in this will be attendance, homework, behaviour for learning, and pupils having the correct equipment at school.

March – Parents’ Evening with specific targets for each child and a discussion about how the child is progressing at midyear.

June / July – Final update of results and annual school report, an opportunity to drop in and see the class teacher to discuss any issues arising.

The staff would also like to remind parents that they are available at any time to have additional meetings to discuss a child’s learning or welfare. These meetings, which will take place after school, can be arranged through the front office.

We are proposing to hold a workshop to discuss with you the way in which children are now assessed.  As we come to the end of the first year of the Government's new assessment framework, we will have a clearer picture of your child's progress which we can share with you.  The best way of helping you to support your child’s learning will be taken into consideration in the school's Homework Policy which is currently under review.


We are presently rewriting the Behaviour Policy for the school, and plan to share this before the end of this year. Members of the School Council (pupils) are also working on a child-friendly version.  This will reinforce the school's positive and reflective approach to individuals’ behaviour and the respect which children are encouraged to have for others. This will be communicated through the Home School Agreement and Parents’ Handbook which will be distributed at the beginning of the new school year.

We recognise, and you have also identified, that some children find the unstructured environment at lunchtime difficult. There has already been a change in the way the playgrounds are being managed, with less organised play and more pastoral care available.  Lunchtime play and staffing approaches will incorporate ‘buddy stops’ for children wanting a new friend to play with, and a restorative justice approach when we assist children to find their own solutions.  We hope you are aware of the improving playground environment. There is an on-going programme (as we raise more money!) of enhancement and development; this involves completing the infant playground, redevelopment of the Nursery and Reception outdoor areas and planning to reorganise the junior space to incorporate quiet activity corners.   


Over the past three years there have been many changes in the senior leadership team.  Throughout this, however, the Governing Body has been stable and consistent, and has worked hard to secure excellent interim Head and Deputy Headteachers. With the permanent appointment of Karen Bos we are now in the position to undertake a full review of the senior leadership team at Darell.  The focus is on developing a new structure which is affordable, in times of real budget pressure, and allows for succession planning with distributed leadership.  This will ensure that there will always be senior staff available to lead the school, and to provide a more stable future for Darell. Parents will be advised of the new structure before the next academic year.

With all this work being undertaken it has been difficult for Karen to be as visible to parents as she would have liked but she welcomes your comments and views and would like to assure parents of her availability.

Parent feedback is extremely valuable to school development, so thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire and please feel free to speak to any member of the staff or governors to pass on comments or views.

17 May 2016