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Darell Primary and Nursery School

School Life

ECO Warriors

Darell Primary and Nursery School has formed an Action Team known as the ‘Eco Warriors’. Every Monday, the team meets for 20 minutes to discuss our environmental priorities and how we can become a more environmentally aware school. ‘Eco Warriors’ consists of one teacher, one governor, parents and 2 children from each class in Years 3 to Year 6. Class representatives change each term, ensuring that there’s a greater opportunity for interested children to be involved.
Collaboratively, we have created a school Eco Code and there’s a notice board for children to share their energy saving ideas. We display how much water, gas and electricity is used within school to encourage the children to take responsibility for what they use.

The eco-warriors have set up small compost bins in the infant playground for the children to put their organic waste in, e.g., from the fruit they have at playtime. The eco warriors are then responsible for collecting the waste to transfer it to the large compost bin.