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Darell Primary and Nursery School

School Life


-Darell School has a creative and inclusive curriculum that enables children to be the best they can be. From Nursery to Year 6, children learn through a topic-led curriculum, based on a high quality text. Each topic taught contains a ‘super start’, ‘marvellous middle’ and ‘fantastic finale’ to enthuse and engage all pupils. For example, children in Year 1 were amazed to find a giant golden egg in their classroom when they returned to school. What could be inside? At Darell, we believe that children learn best through practical and first hand experiences, therefore trips, visits and visitors are an integral part of our curriculum. Our topic webs below illustrate subject coverage for the term.

To find more information on the curriculum your child is following click on the class links

Termly Topic Overview 2016-2017

Year 1 

Autumn Mission to Mars and beyond
Science: animals, including humans
History: Neil Armstrong – first moon landing
Geography: local area – a guide for aliens
Art: designing & making rockets, alien clay sculptures, planet and moon pictures, paintings (primary colours)
D.T. Designing and making a calendar
R.E. Divali

Castles, knights & dragons
Science: everyday materials
History: Norman Castles
Art: painting – landscapes & buildings, clay sculptures , design & make castles
D.T.: building structures (castles), design & make shields
R.E.: celebrations: Chinese new year, Easter customs & symbols

Summer  Out of my window I can see…
Science: plants
History: history of the school – building changes, building work, people & places in the local area
Geography: features of the local area
Art: landscapes, collage of local area landmarks
D.T.: design a new playground (evaluate the real design examples)
R.E.: stories Jesus told; Jewish beliefs

Year 2 


Amazing Africa
Science: What is in your habitat?
Geography: Kenya
Art: Texture and Pattern
R.E: Harvest
ICT: Databases
P.E: Traditional dance and ball games

London’s Burning
Science: Materials – Shaping up
History: The Great Fire of London
Art and DT: Colour mixing, baking bread and sculpture
R.E: Light and Dark
ICT: Programming
P.E. Gymnastics and racket skills


Heroes and Super Heroes
Science: Keeping Healthy and Growing Up
History: Real life historical heroes
DT: Textiles – Design and make soft toy animals
Art: Pop Art – Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol
R.E.: How do Christians lead their lives? Easter customs and symbols
ICT: Exploring how computer games work. We are photographers.
P.E.: Gymnastics and Dance, Feeding and Fielding


Up, Up and Away
Science: Apprentice Gardener
Geography: Mapping our World
History: The History of Flight
DT: Moving Pictures and Designing and Making Hot Air Balloons
R.E.: Judaism
ICT: Researching a topic
P.E.: Attacking and Defending, Gymnastics using the apparatus

Mechanical Marvels
Science: Materials – Good Choices
History: Transport through the ages
Art: Printing
DT: Moving machines
R.E.: What does it mean to belong to Islam?
ICT: Collecting Clues and using emails safely
P.E.: Dance – machines, Football Skills

Year 3 


Marvellous Machines
Texts: The Hoverbike
Science: Forces and Magnets
Geography: Compass and mapping skills
Art: printing, Andy Warhol
R.E: Harvest/Citizenship/ Christmas

Trash to Treasure
Texts: Stig of the Dump
Science: Rocks
History: Stone Age
Geography: Comparing different regions of the UK
Art: painting, drawing and collage.
R.E.: Christmas: Why are presents given at Christmas?


Groovy Greeks
Texts: Perseus & Medusa, Daedalus and Icarus,  Theseus and the Minotaur and King Midas
Science: Light
History: Ancient Greeks
Geography: Europe (focus on Greece)
Art: painting, collage skills and clay.
R.E: What do Muslims believe? Easter: Why is Easter important to Christians?
Stand alone:
Science: Plants


Creepy Crawlies
Texts: Charlotte’s Web
Science: Animals, including humans
Geography: Physical features of landscape
Art: Textiles
D.T.: Sewing polo graphic curves.
R.E.: How do Christians celebrate milestones in life?


Year 4 


Ancient Egypt
Texts: Non- fiction texts. Howard Cater's Discovery
Science: Sound
History: Ancient Egypt
Geography: The Nile Valley
Art: painting, perspective, collage, landscape
RE: Christmas



Lovely London
Texts: Harry Potter, Danny Champion of the World
Science: Electricity, States of Matter
History: Ancient Rome
Art: British Artists
DT: Construction
RE: Islam
Geography: London and the UK
DT: Potion makign
RE: Islam



Awesome Americas
Texts: The Indian in the Cupboard, Performance  Poetry, Comics
Science: Habitats
History: Mayans/Aztecs
Geography: N/S America
Art: Digital media, collage, sacrificial art
DT: Totem poles
RE: Judaism


Year 5 

Autumn Heroes and Villains
Texts: The Highwayman, Perseus & Medusa
Science: life cycles (plants), animals, including humans
History: post 1066 (Industrial Rev)
Geography: land use /landscape changes
Art: painting, landscape, Constable
D.T.: Bridges, Brunel
R.E.: Harvest/Citizenship/ Christmas

Wicked Water
Texts: Wind in the Willows
Science: Properties and changes of materials
Geography: Locational knowledge (counties and cities), physical geography (rivers)
Art: painting, collage, Hokusai
R.E.: Hinduism/Easter

Summer  Out of this World
Texts: Around the World in 80 Days
Science: Forces/Space
History: China, the Shang Dynasty
Geography: Human geography
R.E: Creation, Christianity and the trinity
Art: drawing, painting, sculpture

Year 6 

Autumn India
Texts: The Jungle Book and Just So Stories
Science: Evolution & Inheritance, animals, including humans
History: Indus Valley civilisation
Geography: Maps of Asia/human geography (population/impact on environment/trade)
Art: sketching
R.E.: Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam
P.E.: Swimming & dance
Spring Now you see me, now you don’t
Texts: Houdini’s Box & The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
Science: Electricity
History: Changes in local history
Geography: Changing coastlines
Art: Illusions
R.E.: Easter
P.E.: Netball, tag rugby and gymnastics
Summer  Lights, Camera, Action!
Texts: Shakespeare
Science: Light
History: Significant historical figures in books and film
Art: Scenery/props
P.E: Athletics, golf and tennis