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Darell Primary and Nursery School

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Easyfundraising success! One of our parents booked tickets for a special family trip next year and earned a £57 donation - from one purchase! If you're booking any holidays or making any big purchases, please remember to log on first:

Summer Fair Update: We thought we’d give you a break from the deception and sneakiness required to smuggle toys out of the house. The summer fair’s second hand stall will only include books, DVDs, and large items like bikes, scooters and garden toys. We need loads of those, so please do start to donate. If you have any questions about what's suitable, please contact

Calling all runners - The PSA has teamed up with React (the children's charity) for this year's British 10K run on Sunday, 9th July. Whatever our team of runners earn will be split between the PSA and React, which is an amazing charity that ensures terminally ill children receive the vital support they so deserve. If you think you've got 10K in you, and want to support two awesome local charities, please get in touch with the PSA (


The 2017 Great Coin Race was indeed great, with £506 collected and placed in very neat lines. Thank you for your generous contributions, and congratulations to Toucan Class (and your parents) for the winning entry. The money is safely sitting in the PSA account, waiting for the next two projects in the junior playground to commence - more on that soon.

We have two things parents can do to help raise money for the school that require very little effort, but we've a slight dip on both of them this month. Can we please ask that you try to remember to use Easyfundraising every time you shop online. It's money for nothing, and oh so easy. Please also have another look at our school lottery: For £1 per week you can be part of our local draw and the national draw for £25,000. We think both options are better than having to volunteer for the dunk tank at the summer fair!