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Darell Primary and Nursery School

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Governing Body Annual Review 2016

Governing Body Annual Review for 2016/17

The governing body would like to share their reflections on a busy year at Darell. The following is a brief

summary of the work of the main Committees of the governing body:

The Achievement and Curriculum Committee has a wide remit that includes overseeing the

implementation of the curriculum, monitoring the standards and achievement of pupils, ensuring that the

statements of children with special needs are met and overseeing school’s strategy and implementation

of initiatives funded by the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG).

In this academic year we have spent time each term with the school’s middle leaders to gain an indepth

understanding of progress that children have made towards their individual targets and to

examine the impact of interventions that have been provided for children who needed additional

support on top of usual classroom teaching. This has allowed governors to evaluate the success of the

School Development Plan and the accuracy of the school’s Self Evaluation. (You can read more about

the purpose of the SDP and SEF in the Glossary.)

In addition, the Achievement and Curriculum Committee has two Working Groups which have worked

with the school leaders responsible for PPG and the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

provision. The progress of individual children entitled to the PPG and those with SEND are closely tracked

by these two Working Groups to ensure that there are effective strategies and initiatives available to

these children to ensure that they make the best possible progress.

Fiona Booth, Chair of Achievement and Curriculum Committee

The Resources Committee are pleased to report that we have been able to keep our budget for the next

three years positive, despite an increasingly challenging financial climate. It has to be noted, however,

that our running costs over this and previous years have exceeded our income so we have been relying

on previous reserves to fund the running of the school. This is unsustainable in the long term, so this year

we have had to plan significant savings wherever possible without affecting our commitment to good or

better teaching. Going forward, we need to attract and retain pupils as this directly affects our income.

The recently reported much improved results in Early Years, and both Key Stages should help this and we

would urge current parents to encourage local families looking for school places to come to Darell.

The committee continues to monitor many of the essential policies and guidelines by which the school

operates. Safety is a key area that falls under the remit of the Resources Committee, and in the

aftermath of the awful tragedy at Grenfell Tower, we can report that recent fire evacuation drills have

shown we are able to get everyone out of the school within 3 minutes. We will continue to hold regular

evacuation tests and we are in the process of implementing our contingency plans in case of any major

incidents locally. We will communicate the relevant aspects to parents next term.

The next development project is the Key Stage 2 playground and we thank the PSA and the parent

community for contributing £7500 to that project through fundraising this year.

Anna Gilbert, Chair of Resources Committee

The Welcome Committee has focused this year on consolidating positive working relationships between

parents, pupils, staff and the wider community. We have surveyed all groups and asked them what they

feel about Darell, what’s great, what changes could further enhance the school, and where they would

like to see us in the future. All this information is being used to establish a vision and longer term plan for


Our most public face is the website, this is carefully monitored and updated to ensure it presents the best

side of Darell and provides parents and pupils with all the information they need.

The committee continues to monitor many of the policies which are essential for a healthy and safe

school, these include the Accessibility, Equality and SEND policies. In addition we have overseen the

rigorous and consistent application of the Behaviour Policy, and Home-School agreement which has had

a positive impact on school behaviour and our pupils readiness to learn. Our excellent results across the

school endorse the impact of these structures being in place.

Sara Tricker, Chair of Welcome Committee